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servicelabellingWhen a printed label needs to conform to industry standards, Valco is the obvious choice. We offer a wide range of labelling options for the electrical inspection industry designed to meet today's frequently changing and increasingly stringent legislation.

We can advise on materials, inks, print processes, varnishes and adhesives taking into account criteria like durability, life-span and compliance with any legislative demands.

We can also provide samples so you can simulate the conditions your products will be exposed to, giving you the reassurance that your self adhesive labels will do the job before you go ahead. And of course, you'll find us more than happy to share our expertise with you at every stage.

All self adhesive labels are available as single products or in combination, on reels or as A4 sheets.
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Service Labelling

An example productEgg Shell Ultra destruct
Valco’s non-transferable asset self adhesive labels are a must for those wanting to protect expensive, sensitive and potentially harmful items and plant from tampering and theft.
An example productPlug Top Labels
Valco supply a range of low cost, stock size self adhesive labels designed to fit the standard wall plug, available on rolls (or sheets if preferred).
An example productService Labels
When it comes to servicing vital pieces of equipment, your customers need to know who to call and when. We manufacture a full range of low cost service self adhesive labels available on rolls (or sheets, if required).
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