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pharmaceuticalWith over 20 years' experience in this regulations-driven and exacting market, all Valco pharmaceutical self adhesive labels are produced in accordance with the strictest ISO9001:2000 quality standards.

Barcodes are regularly verified, print is monitored for consistency at every stage and all materials are fully traceable.

We can provide samples so you can simulate the conditions your products will be exposed to, giving you the reassurance that your self adhesive labels will do the job before you go ahead. You'll also find us more than happy to share our expertise with you at every stage - so if you're unsure which solution is right for you, please ask.

Valco's prices have always been highly competitive. But unlike many self adhesive labels manufacturers that focus exclusively on price, we never cut corners.
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An example productBarcode labels
When it comes to coding, there is no room for error. You need a self adhesive labels manufacturer who ensures that your barcode self adhesive labels are regularly checked for conformity at all stages of production.
An example productBlank/part printed labels
Where variable information needs to be added to a self-adhesive label, Valco has a number of solutions to suit your needs.
An example productBlock out over labels
Misprinted packaging isn't just an expensive inconvenience; it can have serious implications for any manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry. However Valco's packaging restoration service can rectify things in no time.
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