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heavyindustrySelf adhesive labels produced for heavy industry need to offer unparalleled performance under the toughest conditions. Often, they also need to convey vital information - another area where cheap, inferior self adhesive labels may let you down.

Valco's prices have always been highly competitive. But unlike many self adhesive labels manufacturers that focus exclusively on price, we never cut corners. So not only do you get the quality, consistency and durability you demand, you get it at the right price.

Constant ISO9001:2000 quality checks, expert workmanship and superior materials - all combine to offer the exceptional performance you demand.

We test our self adhesive labels to destruction. And to prove it, we can provide samples so you can simulate the condition your products will be exposed to, giving you the reassurance that your self adhesive labels will do the job.
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Heavy Industry

An example productBS 5609 marine grade labels
Valco marine grade self adhesive labels are tested to destruction to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of BS 5609 Section Two Part 4.1: 'Marine Exposure'.
An example productChemically resistant labelling
Different chemicals demand different properties from a label. A printed label that may offer excellent resistance against alkalis may corrode when in contact with solvents.
An example productEgg Shell Ultra destruct
Valco's non-transferable asset self adhesive labels are a must for those wanting to protect expensive, sensitive and potentially harmful items and plant from tampering and theft.
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